Talking dirty with your lover is an incredible way to improve your sex life

Talking dirty with your lover is an incredible way to improve your sex life. Many women absolutely love dirty talk, but only if the man knows exactly what he is doing. See, there is a way to drive a woman wild with your words… But there is also a way to drive a woman away from you by talking dirty… We want to drive her wild, not away! When talking dirty to your woman, you have to remember you are not a porn star. This is not some indie porno between you and your lady. You are having sex with a woman not making acting in a movie (not saying there’s not a time for that…). Dirty talk is just one aspect of great sex, but it can be a very important one. Learning to talk dirty to a woman in a way that truly arouses her will make the sex better for both of you and will leave her wanting more. Learn more at and

If you’re looking to have your girl moaning in ecstasy through your words, then I suggest you read on. The Basics Of Great Sex Before we get started diving deep into dirty talk, it’s important to remember dirty talk is just one aspect of sex. While dirty talk certainly can take mediocre sex and make it great, knowing how to talk dirty to your lady is only one aspect of the equation. To ensure you have incredible sex with a woman, you need to account for a number of factors, including: Being In the Moment Attraction Passion Dominance Technique Pheromones And of course, Dirty Talk! Plus so much more… Having incredible sex with a woman is a combination of a number of factors. Luckily, just to get a woman to have sex with you many of these factors are already in play. As well, many of these factors overlap. If you are in the moment while having sex with a woman you are genuinely attracted to, you will be very passionate about the sex. The Beginning In order to properly use dirty talk in the bedroom, you must start outside the bedroom. Now I’m not talking about using the same phrases that you are going to use inside the bedroom while you are in public with your girl, although there is a time and a place for that. I’m talking about prepping her for dirty talk once you get in the bedroom… You need to set a sexual frame with the woman from the get go. You can’t expect a girl to open herself up and have passionate sex with you when you have never even breached taking sensually with her. Setting The Frame Before you start talking dirty, you must understand how to handle women properly. While you don’t have to be a player to have incredible sex with a woman, you need to understand that your behavior outside the bedroom will greatly influence her sexual attraction towards you. How you act, how you dress, how you carry yourself, how you look, how you interact with others, and much more will help her determine how sexually attracted to you she is. If you have her properly attracted to you outside the bedroom, having great sex once you get inside the bedroom will be a forgone conclusion in her mind. The easiest ways to ensue that a woman is highly sexually attracted to you is by looking your absolute best and being a dominant man. You need to be dressing well , grooming yourself, and working out in order to maximize your looks. The better looking you are the more attraction she will have for you. Next, comes dominance. This is the most important part of the sexual attraction and dirty talk equation. Learn more at