Sexual Market Arbitrage

There are micro and macro markets. A sexual market can be, for example, a country or a city but it can also be as small as a school or a social club. Since nobody competes in all markets, what matters most is your Effective sexual mastery . While, for instance, it’s difficult to know how attractive any particular woman is compared to all other women in the world, estimating her value compared to the average woman in her city is feasible. The supply and demand in the particular niche market in which you compete determines your effective sexual mastery . A red haired woman may be the toast of the town in rural China yet burned at the stake for witchcraft in the Congo. Learn more at and, a man whose height is 1m75 (5’9’’) will, all else being equal, have a relatively higher value in Vietnam than in The Netherlands, where average male height is 1m85 (6’1’’). Due to the differences in supply and demand in local markets, it’s possible to engage in Sexual Market Arbitrage. What is arbitrage? Whenever I travel internationally, my aunt, an inveterate devotee of menthol cigarettes, will ask me to bring back a carton of smokes for her because they are so much cheaper abroad. Say it costs $100 at home and only $50 abroad and she promises to pay me $75 upon delivery. She saves some money and I make some. This, in a nutshell, is arbitrage. Arbitrage is the French word for judgment . You judge between prices in two different markets and profit from the difference. People engage in arbitrage of all kinds of things: cars, iPhones, stocks, currencies or even groceries. In the sexual market, you can engage in arbitrage by finding a market where the commodity (in this case, you) has a higher market value. An aged European man, for example, will instantly improve his relative sexual mastery by 2-3 points by moving to Thailand. A black woman moving to China, conversely, will experience a similar drop in sexual mastery . Your Real sexual mastery is your mating value as measured by objective standards, while your Perceived sexual mastery is your mating value measured subjectively. A man’s Real sexual mastery is defined by his objectively measurable criteria such as his wealth, skills and achievements. A woman’s Real sexual mastery is defined by her objectively measurable criteria such as her fertility, youth, femininity or cup-size. Perceived sexual mastery is to Real sexual mastery what price is to value. You may remember from your economics class a concept called asymmetric information; some people are better informed about the market and the products than others. The seller usually knows more about the product than the buyer. A person’s Perceived sexual mastery is their value as assessed by market participants with incomplete information. Perceived sexual mastery can be both lower and higher than Real sexual mastery . Your Perceived sexual mastery is more important than your Real sexual mastery . The seller (you) benefits if other market participants (the individuals you want to date) believe that your sexual mastery is higher than it is in reality. If your perceived sexual mastery is lower than your Real sexual mastery , you are at a disadvantage. A wealthy, intelligent, healthy and fertile