It’s like pheromones always work

It’s like pheromones always work. I didn’t guess and she told me her story about why she make this unconscious sounds. She opened and told me about the depression and pills she takes. After that I realized how important is to listen not only the words from her mouth, but all the nonverbal messages she sends. I can point out at something and assume what it means or ask what it means to have natural pheromone attraction. I asked her if she have to go and when I asked she realized she must leave. So again, it’s a small thing, but probably it conveys some pheromone qualities. We went to the bus. She told me she will leave the city on the next week to go to study in another country. She said this on our first meeting in the bus. Learn more about pheromones at and

I knew I have one more date, but also I was aware that there is a probability it won’t happen at all. So I told her that I liked our time together and wished her good luck. I said that it’s a big chance we can never meet again. And this is a powerful move. I did it unconsciously at that time, but now I realize that it means that I’m ok if we don’t meet again. She doesn’t see me as a needy guy, she can assume that I have other girls and life in general. And this is not a trick, I just felt that this is the reality and it can happen. At the bus station she lighted up a little and I saw just a little glow of a wild cat inside her which was playful. In this moment I had another revelation. I am the only one who is capable to choose the part of the woman I want to play with, the standard one or the sexual pheromone attractant. She noticed how I looked at other women and told me not to do it when I’m with her. I don’t remember what I replied, but it was good, something about that I’m a man and it’s a normal reflex of mine. We hugged and she left. I was satisfied about this interaction. SECOND PHEROMONES DATE She told me she likes to visit small villages and taking photos there. I sent her a message after our first date that she must invite me to one of her trips. She said that she is not sure if she will be able to find some time for that. OnFacebook I introduced some light sexual framing. I asked her to recommend me some erotic literature to increase my vocabulary with the premise that I use to much substantives and verbs, but I want to add a lot of adjectives to my speech. This is because I want to be able to speak in such a way to melt the girls. I wasn’t saying this directly to her, but it made its pheromone effect. After a few days she invited me to go with her to pheromones together. We met. She brought me some books to read. We got on the bus. We talked. She was initiating some kino. Sometimes I did it. It was normal. We arrived to the village and started exploring it.