I just gave you my best human pheromones

So, given like what I just gave you my best human pheromones… like real definition of happiness. I now have the power to teach someone how to be happy. You know look there are other methods as well but that’s one, that now they know they can grasp , they can understand , they become unhappy …that’s what they can check. “ Shit am I making natural pheromones and I’m making progress to mine own goals. Are they in line with my purpose ?” “Oh! Man! No am not!” Wonder why this …this sucks … and it also becomes a point of choice . Right. You’ve got all of these possibilities. You’ve got all these demands on your time and on your physical location , and your money , and your future , It ’s got a lot easier to look at your pheromone concentration…”you know what, that doesn’t fi t in…andn I know, I’m not going to be happy ”… it’s not gonna bring me towards a goal that aliged with my purpose . I can ’t do that . That would be dumb . The amount of pheromones that it will give so me body making their own choices, as well. Okay, so the game dynamics. You’re sure that you’re player in the game . And the player in the game. What we’re kind of taking … t hat’s actually a game dynamic one is the one that I’m satisfied with…if am gonna redo your pheromone output. Stage 3 pheromone production was the biggest change since I started using Pherazone. I bought a bottle of Pherazone Ultra and just last night I woke up with them besides me on my bed. Learn more at http://shieldsvmoakciurs.page.tl/Modal-Pheromones.htmandhttp://pheromonedata.blogspot.com/2017/01/basic-steps-with-pheromones.html I believe this is subconscious pheromone attraction which is great! I’m noticing I’m becoming more dominant, but not in a way that I have to act dominant. I am dominant. I find it very hard to waste time now. I actually hate wasting time and the more I listen the more I seem to hate it. I’m in a state of constant motivation to do what I need to do, although sometimes I resist because of fears and feeling like the subliminal pheromone is taking control away from me. Right now I have low to moderate pheromone colognes, which is a major improvement from what was moderate to severe anxiety earlier last year. I’m 18, currently living with my parents and attending college next month. I used to read heavily into the Red Pill which resulted in me trying to put on a very fake dominant alpha persona but now I’m transitioning out of it and I feel much less hatred towards women and myself in general. It can often be a negative environment and I’ve noticed that when I’m not home for periods of time that I’m much more positive and less anxious without pheromones. I’d like to rid myself of anxiety completely. Right now I can talk to people and make eye contact for a long time, but I have terrible trouble expressing myself and worrying about what others think of me. It’s definitely not logical, logically I know their opinions mean squat, but emotionally I find it very difficult with the top pheromone perfumes. Learn more at http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/65-of-your-true-pheromones