Her Pheromone Spray

Leading up to this I was very playful and her in face though pheromones spray. She mentioned how she hated her nose and how big it was, and I just went to town bringing up how huge it was every chance I could. I acted like I was going to go in and kiss her but then hit her nose with my nose and was like JESUS, it’s so big! Realize this is a very pretty girl who loves new pheromones, but I’m just used to getting people to open up to me while keeping myself a bit mysterious and win that upper ground by being on top as the confident one and making them the awkward and nervous ones. It’s an art and probably one of the best things you can learn as it’s something you have to carry from first meeting, to starting to date, to relationships. And yes your ex looks nice… But some of the other girls too… It seems you have more feelings for your ex cos she was special to you.. Learn more at http://pheromonedata.blogspot.com/2017/02/taking-break-from-pheromone-studies.html and http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/-1-million-pheromone-colognesMaybe she was your first girl in a long time? Thats how it was for me with this girl…. Who I kind of still love even tho I know I would never get back with her, and the ending was pretty messy…because we loved each others pheromones. I can relate to a lot of what you say, we´re alike in persons I threat girls the same way , and they also want me to meet their best friends, family etc, and say they never met someone like me. Or find it really great what I told you earlier, when I say they´re so complicated I could only handle one like them as more would be absolute horror…of my new pheromone colognes This girl even asked me in beginning if I work for some stripclub trying to get them girls cos she thought I was so good in this..she loves using powerful pheromones I still need to meet more women tho I am in a new place here and know like nobody. Thursday I am going to some meeting with a lot of people I hope for some nice girls there.. Besides from that there is many tourists here like from sweden I can practice my game on but I am more looking for girls who live here too so enjoy y pheromone scent Still working on street approaches too (never done one before) and i held eye contact with this dark haired cool girl and she too but then we passed by each other and it broke the eye contact of course…What did you mean when you say you´re intimidating to them?! Could you elobarate a bit? Do you mean like by what you say, that you are cocky&funny to them, or even insult them lightly in the beginning? Nice and funny game you played with this girl with the “big pheromone signals” And yeah this “private person” part sounds like a good way to handle the situation. It would be funny if you met a girl who is the same, and who would also not want to introduce you to her friends cos she´s a player too. Learn more at http://shieldsvmoakciurs.page.tl/Similar-To-Athena-Pheromones.htm