Exposing With Pheromones

You need alone time. You need time to re-charge. And you need deep, stimulating conversation more than you need small talk about pheromone intimacy. The following are my top 5 tips for getting your introverted needs met in your relationship. These tips are very simple and they will lead to extremely healthy relationships so I can’t recommend them enough. (Note: With all of these points, don’t inform your partner from a place of hostility. You are letting them know how they can make you feel most loved and cared for, as you would do the same for them. Relationships take flexibility and effort from both parties.) Male brains thrive in emptiness. When you crave emptiness, conversation can be grating to your mind. Let your intimate partner know when you need quiet time. Whether you are watching sports, reading a book, or sitting on the back porch, set a clear boundary by letting your partner know that you need to be with your thoughts for a while. It is healthy to explore life as an individual and, as long as your partner has a certain level of security in them, they should be happy to oblige. Learn more about pheromones at http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/rejection-from-pheromones-is-rareIf you feel that they might need a bit of convincing, try the following steps. – Highlight how important your time together is for you – Tell them how happy being in temporary silence makes you – Let them know that your time with your own thoughts will allow you to be more present with her/him when you are back from your exploration of emptiness So that structure could play out like… ‘I really enjoy the time we spend together. Your intuition and love amaze me on a daily basis and I am so grateful for you. My mind is feeling a bit frazzled right now and I would love it if I could zone out for a bit and watch the game. Then, after an hour or two, I’ll be feeling much more re-charged and would love to shut our phones off and connect for a while when I feel more present with natural pheromones. Learn more at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2016/10/does-semenax-supplement-work.htmlDoes that work for you?’ As always, honesty is the policy. Worst-case scenario, they say no, and you negotiate something that works better for both of you. Having Conversations With Pheromones Sometimes you may feel a lack of connection in your relationship from too many surface level conversations. Let your partner know that you want to have a night of connection. Turn off your cell phones and any other distractions and focus on really seeing each other. Ask questions that encourage depth such as: How can I most support you in your path? What emotional needs are you aware of that aren’t as fulfilled as the others? What can I do to make you feel more loved in our relationship? What is an area of our relationship that you feel needs some extra love? What are you the happiest about in our relationship today? Too many couples think of their relationship as the primary (or only) aspect of their intimate lives. Think of you and your partner as two overlapping circles where there is “You,” “Her,” and “The Relationship.” Three separate entities that can all co-exist. This perspective will help you in occasionally choosing to do activities in your life that encourage a bit of independence and autonomy to keep the attraction fires burning. Learn more about intimacy at http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/