Crazy Pheromone Theory

The pheromone theory is that we want to jack off cause it feels good. Well I have been through DHE 2000 already, and I know that is a program that teaches you to feel good simply cause you will it so. I think that’s a right every human should have. I also think that masturbation is like imaginary sex, and although lots of things in the imagination are good and worthwhile persuing, I have a newly formed belief that sex isn’t one of them. So what is this pheromone thread about? Learn more at and

Its simple. We don’t want to give away the contents of DHE 2000 in here, I think it’s something everyone interested in should pursue and is best left unspoiled to be taken in fresh and ready for its transformation; for those of you who haven’t made the connection already, its promise is akin to the promise of enlightenment: feeling good for no reason and not being dependent on perception of things – with an added bonus of teaching you how to mold your perception. Pheromones increase your attraction. In doing so, it is a 7-day fast track pheromone alternative to the long drawn out process of sitting or laying with your eyes closed doing nothing more than trying to “battle” or “accept” your mind’s ramblings. DHE 2000 circumvents and works with your pheromones to empower you in an innovative way that, I’m sorry, 3000 year old methods just aren’t able to compete with. But that’s enough advertising for human pheromones. We are simply going to be posting here with our progress on how not masturbating is going. The commitment officially begins tomorrow, August 30, 2009. In the spirit of proactivity, it is before the beginning of a new month with real pheromones. At the very least, you will hear from me then. This thread will not die until both of us have finished 30 consecutive days masturbation-free. And lastly, why? Well, being on a new pheromone regimen also, and having failed many before, I know that a part of success in a pursuit that involves perceived sacrifice is being liable to, and reporting to, someone other than yourself. That is what this thread is really about – a tool we are utilizing to give us every edge in achieving our pheromone goals. So wish us luck, give us pointers, advice and feedback, and have a greater good time yourself for supporting us with human pheromones. Masturbating is an instinct that you can easily compare to selling your soul to the devil for a new car/computer etc etc. It’s a cesspit of negative energy, both the leading up to and the after through. You receive a moment of happiness and then a few hours to a day of decreased aggressiveness, downtime, and decreased will. In addition to that, I’ve used masturbating as an alternative to sex and eventually your body and mind will get accustomed to masturbation instead of pursing real sex pheromones. Learn more at