Confidence and Pheromones

Many people are dependent on a particular set of favorable conditions occurring to feel confident and fall apart when they are taken out of their chosen environment or familiar activities. A truly confident man can be at ease in even the most unfamiliar of social environments of real pheromones. This doesn’t mean he won’t experience things like anxiety or embarrassment but he will have a core stability that allows him to move beyond these passing emotions. Many men, who are confident in their work life or around their friends, can be incredibly insecure when it comes to meeting women with true pheromones. They have anxiety about this area that is greatly disproportionate to the consequences of a possible negative reaction. Learn more at and

Very few men will approach an attractive woman they don’t know (unless they are very drunk). The potential negative reaction is unlikely to be worse than her telling you to go away with natural pheromones. Whereas the comparable potential positive reaction is the start of a physical relationship. I’m not a betting man myself but I’m sure you’d agree, that is a chance worth gambling on. Yet most men never approach the women they want to. We’ll deal with that particular issue a little later on. Women are attracted to confident men because they offer strength and are usually men who are passionate and leaders in their life pursuits. This is not to be confused with arrogance, which can look similar to confidence but is actually its antithesis and a very unattractive trait. An arrogant man often has something to prove, he is compensating for his insecurities by projecting an overbearing persona. He wants to appear more important than other people and is usually a bad listener and communicator. He is self absorbed and selfish. Pheromone nfidence however comes from an internal sense of being at ease with yourself. A truly confident man doesn’t need to prove his worth by being the biggest talker, putting others down or throwing money around. Lets take a look back at my original example to illustrate the difference: My rival made a series of mistakes that ensured that he was of zero threat to me, despite his wealth and power with pheromone seduction. Firstly he didn’t listen to Katya, he was thinking only of his desire for her and therefore he missed the hints she gave that would actually help him get her with real pheromones. When she and I first met, I suggested going out to dinner and she told me she didn’t like restaurants and preferred cooking at home. She told the rich guy this as well in response to his numerous attempts to ask her out. The crucial key is that I listened to her and I wasn’t rigidly attached to a particular way to interact with her. A week later I called and said, “How do you feel about lasagne? I’ve got all the ingredients here, so why don’t I bring them over and we can cook together?” Learn more about pheromones at