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It’s usually the counter intuitive thing that woman are attracted to pheromones. Someone with direction in life. I get the feeling that you are looking for a girl friend? then find out the girls you like and what sort of man they are attracted to. Then become that person. I have a good focus on my pheromones, goals and such, but I think I have TOO much of a focus sometimes. This is too the point where they become my life and so far that hasn’t worked out with meeting the ladies. True there are somethings that I haven’t decided to do in my life but I’m very passionate for my goals and I want to achieve greater pheromone production. I’ve had a kind of realisation of sorts too about human pheromones. I do want a girlfriend but I’m not fussed, basically I want to be able to pick up like a God :-D but I don’t want to change into someone that isn’t me, as you said, become a man that the girls that I like are attracted to. I feel like they should be attracted to my pheromone signals but I understand what you mean. I should be the super-alpha male that is howt and has social proof running out the door, that’s what I’d like but I don’t want to say become something that I’m not. If it all happened slowly and I didn’t realise then sure I’m fine but at the moment I think of it as a way drastic change that I don’t think that I could do without some time that pheromones really matter.. Back to that pheromone attraction alisation. Learn more at and

I attempted unscented pheromones as I had a 6 day weekend and I thought I could get all 10 days in the weekend right but I only did the one day and I know that I’m sabotaging myself. This is a very big issue to my development because upon realising this I’ve noticed it in other areas of my life as well. I have goals like most people and I can achieve those goals. I make plans to achieve them but never go through with the plans. I sabotage myself and it never gets done or it takes an extremely long time to accomplish. On the thursday night I had a half asleep dream of me being the PUA God and it was to do with day one of pheromone seduction. I thought to myself, 20 people and just asking random questions easy… Then I went out, all phsyched and ready. I ate and then decided to go. I walked around a local shopping centre for like 2 hours not talking to anyone… I would see hot people walking past and just as I would go to say something like “Excuse me do you have the time?” I would stop myself. FOR 2 HOURS I COULDN’T DO IT!!! Something inside of me was stopping me to use pheromones, I wasn’t even feeling nervous after 2-3 attempts but still something was holding me back. Learn more at